Laser Droplets Free Update

Boss Rush Mode

The game concept is simply “survive as long as you can and get the highest score possible”. There will be an endless spawn of familiar bosses from the Classic Mode but with difficulty slightly boosted. Although it is an ever repeating gameplay, there is some form of long term progression where the player will get stronger permanently for every round cleared.

After clearing each round, the player will permanently obtain 2 things; one is an assignable passive point, another is a random passive skill. There are a total of 16 passive skills, each with 5 upgradeable levels. Leveling these skills will improve the survivability for the player, thus achieving a higher score after every playthrough.

There is an autosave feature after defeating each boss. So it is safe to quit the game after clearing each round and resume at a later time.

That’s it. Hope you will enjoy this new add on. Here’s short trailer video (Link)