Back From A Super Long Break

Wow. It has been more than 1 and a half years since the last post. The excuse is that shortly after Laser Droplets was released last year, quite a lot of things have happened to my personal life, so I kind of stopped updating this website.

Early this year, I suddenly decided to add new content to Laser Droplets and have since been working on it during my free time. Now that it is finally completed, I thought it would be a good time to post something.

Boss Rush Mode

It is actually just a simple add on mode where the boss will be spawned endlessly and the aim is to try to surpass your previous high score. To make it more interesting, there are 16 passive skills that will be permanently gained while playing to help the player survive longer. Thus achieving a higher score for every playthrough.

Although the concept is simple, the effort to implement and code is strangely more than what I expected. The number of new scripts that I wrote for this new mode is almost as much as the number of old scripts and not to mention that I have to design and draw 16 new icons.

Going Forward

With this done, I will need to start thinking about the next game to make. Right now, I have many different ideas in mind. But these many ideas, are each by itself mini independent ideas that are unable to come together. A lot of time is still required before these ideas can be arranged into something implementable.

Could be a small RPG, could be a mini puzzle game, could be a point and click gameā€¦ But one thing for sure is that it will be a 2D game. Doing 3D games is simply unimaginable for me at this point. I may also spend some time playing around with Unreal Engine 5, but it is unlikely that I will be switching to it from Unity.