Laser Droplets

Laser Droplets is a mixture of shoot ‘em up, bullet-hell, arcade styled, 2D game.
It consists of 16 mini stages, each with a unique stage boss.
Clear stages, unlock new skills, get stronger, conquer the Galaxy.

Available On

New Update (2022 Oct). Free New Content : Boss Rush Mode

  • Endless boss fights
  • 16 Passives skills to collect and level up

Classic Mode

  • 16 mini challenging stages with unique boss.
  • Traverse the entire screen, 360 degrees firing angle.
  • Automatic firing, no button mashing.
  • Keyboard, Mouse and Controller support.

Assets Used

  • Audio
    • Absolutely Free Music, Vertex Studio (Link)
    • Sci-Fi Sounds and Sci-Fi Weapons, GamemasterAudio (Link)
  • Graphics
    • SCI-FI UI Pack_V1 Pro, D.F.Y. STUDIO (Link)
    • Ultimate Spaceships Creator, Ebal Studios (Link)
    • Aramech, Kodiak Graphics (Link)
    • Magic Arsenal, Archanor VFX (Link)
    • Sci-Fi Arsenal, Archanor VFX (Link)
    • Ultimate VFX, Mirza Beig (Link)
  • Scripts
    • Easy Save - The Complete Save & Load Asset, Moodkie (Link)
    • InControl, Gallant Games (Link)


  • Read the afterwords in the Blog Version
  • Watch the Trailer Video on YouTube (Link)